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Reoon Code Snippet Manager (Free) – V2.3

Store Your Code Snippets At Your Fingertips!

About App

Are you a programmer or a developer like us? Do you think it sucks when you are looking for a piece of code you used before, but now you cannot find it easily? If you do then trust us, you are not alone. We were facing the same problem for a long time, but we were not able to find a simple and appropriate tool that could solve that annoying issue. So, we step forward and build the perfect Code Snippets Management software.

We made it so simple that you will immediately start loving our software just after a single try. Although we made it really simple, the software is extremely powerful. It is not just a snippet viewer, you can edit and run all of your snippets (codes) directly from our software. In that sense, we can say that it’s not just an editor, it is more like a complete IDE. The code color-scheme makes our editor so eye-relaxing that you will love typing on there.

Our software allows you to structurize and manage your snippets in 4 layers, which include profile, category, sub-category and snippets itself. The snippets manager also allow you to save different comment for all of your snippets individually in an innovative way. We support almost all programming languages. You can add support for any programming language through a simple configuration.

System Requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows, Mac & Linux.
  • Hardware Configuration: Any hardware configuration.

Top Features

Simple Snippets Management

Our software allows you to manage all of your code snippets from one dashboard in a very simple way.

Not Just Snippets, You Can Manage Anything

Our code snippet manager is not just limited to code snippets. It will allow you to manage anything in this beautiful 4 layer design. For example, you can manage your idea list, movie watchlist, shopping ideas, customer chats, short notes, and virtually anything you want !

Four Layer Categorized Management

Our four layer categorized management system makes it super simple to store and find your snippets within seconds.

Run Your Code Directly on Snippet Manager

We build our snippet manager almost like an IDE. You can not only edit your snippets, but also run them with just a single click.

Use for Testing Your Scripts

Unlike other snippets manager, we allow you to run your code directly on the software. You can run the code of any language. You can configure and add your favourite programming language with just a couple of clicks.

Store Snippets Privately

You can store and manage all of your snippets privately in your computer or your cloud drive. No one needs to know what you stored.

Colorful Code Highlighting

We support different code highlighting scheme. You can choose your favourite color scheme for our build in libraries.

Different Color Themes Available

We support 3 different color themes. WHich includes Light, Dark Blue, Dark Gray. You can choose one one you want.

Individual Comment Section

You can add different comment/description for all of your snippets individually. In that way you will never forget why you wrote that snippet or the usage details of that snippet.

Complete Editor

Our editor support everything just like a good IDE. Which includes code folding, code highlighiting, Cursor management and lot more.

Automatic Saving

All of your edited snippets and comments will be saved automatically. So you never need to worry about saving them manually.

Automatic Cloud Backup

All of your files are stored on your local computer. But you can easily change the snippet directlry into you cloud folder (Google Drive, OneDrive, DropBox, iCloud etc). This will automatically backup your snippets into your cloud folder. This will also allow you to access your snippets whereever you go.

Sync Your Snippets Between Devices

You can change the default snippet directory to your favorite cloud folder (Google Drive, OneDrive, DropBox, iCloud etc). This you will allow you to sync your snippets between all of your devices.

Smart Snippet Search

Our smart snippet search allows you to easily search any of your snippets with just two clicks.


Features & Pricing

We provide competitive pricing for different flexible packages to support your requirements.

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Check the most asked questions by our users.

It’s a software tool designed to manage, edit, and run code snippets directly, functioning like an integrated development environment (IDE).

Yes, the manager is versatile enough to organize any data, such as lists, notes, and more, using a multi-layer categorization system.

The software supports almost all programming languages, with easy configuration options to add more as needed.

The editor provides various color schemes that help reduce eye strain and make coding sessions more comfortable.

Yes, you can execute code snippets within the manager itself, simplifying testing and development processes.

The software allows users to store their snippets locally or in a cloud directory, enabling automatic backups and synchronization across devices.

Of course, you can. Just download the free version of the software and test how everything works. Please note that although all of the features are available in the free version, the usage of these features is limited. However, you should be able to understand everything about the software with that.

Client Reviews

Reoon is reviewed by 500+ people with an average rating of 4.9/5.0 across different platforms like G2, TrustPilot, Captera, GetApp etc.

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