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Reoon OpenCart Extensions Installation for OpenCart Apps

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An OpenCart Extension is required for our OpenCart Desktop Apps to communicate with your OpenCart store. This extension works as a bridge between the desktop app and your OpenCart store. You can get the required Secret Key by installing the extension.

Download the OpenCart Extension:

OpenCart Dropshipping App:
OpenCart Reviews Importer:

Note that, both of these extensions are the same, if you have already installed one of these, you do not need to install the other.

Installation Documentations:

Part 1: Setting up the Environment (not required if already done):

  1. Download the following extension (matching your OpenCart version):
    OpenCart 3.X – Fix OC 3.x Extension Installer.
    OpenCart 2.X – Quick Fix: Extensions Installer issue when FTP support is disabled.
  2. Install the fixing extension from Extension > Extension Installer > Upload.
    Note that: For OC2.X, you need to extract the file first and then upload only the XML file inside it. You cannot upload the full zip file.
  3. Go to “Extension > Modifications” and press the “Refresh” button at the top right corner.
    This step is very important. Otherwise, the installation will not work.

Part 2: Installing Reoon Extension:

  1. Download this extension.
  2. Install the Reoon Extension directly from: Extension > Extension Installer > Upload.
  3. Go to Extensions > Extensions > Choose the extension type “Feeds”.
  4. Install the “Reoon API”, press the “Edit” button, Enable the extension and save.
  5. Download the Desktop App from our official website and run it on your computer.
  6. Start enjoying our service.

Contact us if you need any help. We offer free installation of the extension (if you need).
Note That: If the “admin” folder (login link) is renamed, you cannot install the extension directly. In that case, the folder name also needs to be updated in our extension php code. Contact us and we will tell you exactly how to do it (or we can do it for you).

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