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Verifying email addresses in bulk was never this easy. We have developed this email validation tool to help marketers and business owners clean their email lists and make their website registration spam free. Our primary goal with this bulk email verification service is to provide the best service possible at an affordable rate. Our dynamic temporary email detection system can detect the most hard-to-detect temporary email addresses in seconds. With our powerful email validation engine, we can verify the most complicated emails, which include Gmail, Microsoft, Yahoo, AOL and Custom Business Domains. The quick API validation mode can verify users’ email live during website registration within 0.5 seconds. We are proud to say that we are delivering email verification service with more than 99% accuracy to our customers with great satisfaction. Feel free to start using our bulk email verifier starting at zero cost!

Top Benefits:

  1. Verify email addresses in bulk without sending any emails with our online email validator. Start for verification for free.
  2. Protect your websites from spam registrations and increase your profit with real customers.
  3. Check if email is valid with great accuracy with our email validator.
  4. Clean your email list before sending with our automatic email cleaning service.
  5. Reduce bounce rate by verifying emails all together. A high bounce rate can kill your email campaign.
  6. Prevent your server and sending domain from being blocked/blacklisted by email providers.
  7. Prevent your emails from ending up in the spam folders by sending emails to the quality addresses only.
  8. Protect the sender reputation of your domain and server, which will result in better engagement.
  9. Stop wasting money on disposable addresses that customers will never check after the first use.
  10. Save yourself from getting penalized by sending emails to the known spamtrap addresses.
  11. Get users’ actual email while registering on your site by preventing them from using temporary addresses.
  12. Verify users’ emails live within 0.5 seconds with our API’s quick verification mode.

System Requirements:

  • Internet connection and any latest internet browser.
  • Hardware: Any hardware configuration.
  • You just need to browse as everything runs on our servers.

Want to check how it works?

Top Features

Very High Data Accuracy With Full Details

We are providing results with more than 99% accuracy. This accuracy applies to the verified emails only. We provide full details so you can understand the precise condition of the email address.

MTA Validation of Domain

We verify that the Mail Transfer Agent has a valid MX record to confirm that the domain is capable of receiving incoming emails.

SMTP Validation of Individual Address

Not just domain, we also verify each email address individually to ensure that the address responds properly to SMTP requests, which ensures the most accurate result of an individual address.

Dynamic Disposable/Temporary Email Detection

We use some unique algorithms to detect disposable email addresses in real time with the best accuracy in the market. Don’t believe us? Try verifying some disposable email addresses from TEMPMAIL (or other temporary email providers) with our competitors and us. You will understand the quality of our service.

Verify Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook or Anything

With our unique validation technique, we are verifying the most difficult addresses including Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, Hotmail, and almost all other custom domains.

Spamtrap & Complaint Emails Detection

We match every email with our latest known spam traps & complaint email database. This will help you to prevent sending emails to these addresses. Please note that, spamtraps are designed to act dynamically and due to it’s nature all spamtraps cannot be detected. We do not provide any gurantee on detecting spamtraps. Only know spamtraps can be detected.

Live API Email Validation (0.5 Seconds)

We provide API support with two different modes. The QUICK mode can verify and email within 0.5 seconds, which makes it ideal for verifying the email of your customers during their registration without keeping them waiting. On the other hand, POWER mode can provide an in-depth analysis of an email. Note that, API implementation requires technical knowledge of programming or 3rd party integration services like Zapier or Pabbly Connect. Some other apps may natively support direct API integration.

Superfast Bulk Email Verification

With our multi-server setup in different locations of the world, we can verify thousands of email addresses in no time. We verify addresses from the closest server possible to provide results with more accuracy in the shortest time possible.

Simple & Attractive User Interface

We tried to make the user interface as simple as possible while keeping the most advanced features there. You will never feel bored with the system.

Download Categorized Results With Full Details

We automatically categorize the emails based on the status of that address. Our smart categorized download system will allow you to download all or the specific type of results you want. This will definitely save a lot of your time.

Daily Renewal & Instantly Usable Lifetime Credits

We provide flexibility on credits with daily auto-renewal credits and instant credits that never expire. You can get a combination of different types of verification credits based on your requirements. These are two different type of credits. The instant credits do not depend on the daily credits.

GDPR Compliance Service

We take data protection seriously. All uploaded data in our servers are encrypted with AES-256 military-grade encryption. We never share any of the uploaded data with third parties. We never send any emails to the uploaded addresses. By default, all the uploaded data gets deleted from our servers after 30 days of email verification and no data can be recovered after that. Users can also delete the task data from our server just by clicking a button.

And a Lot More Features ...

The service is not just limited to the above mentioned features. A lot more facilities are also available which you can find and check just by registering on our service for free. We also add new features regularly.


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Features & Pricing

Special Offer – Free Daily Credits

Register now and keep geeting 20 free credits everyday. Also get 100 instant credits for free.

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Are We Better Than Our Competitors?

You do not need to take our word for this. You can find out this by doing some simple tests. A random test can give you some idea, but to identify the best email verifier, you should test the most difficult email addresses in a proper way. Here are some testing guides for you so you can do the testing and find how everyone performs in difficult conditions without wasting any time:

  • Try verifying Microsoft’s emails (i.e., Outlook, Hotmail, Live). Microsoft has a very strict policy. Most of the companies cannot verify them properly. So, they respond “unknown” most of the time.
  • Try verifying Yahoo emails. Most of the other companies either cannot verify them or declare yahoo as a catch-all. However, we can accurately verify the Yahoo emails.
  • Try verifying some temporary email addresses from TEMPMAIL and some other top temporary email providers. Check how many of them can detect them and compete with us.
  • Check if other companies provide instant and automatic refunds for the “unknown” results.

We always try to provide the best API & bulk email verification service, at the best price possible. If you can properly do the tests we mentioned above, we believe you will not have any confusion about the quality of our email verification service.

Top FAQ’s

What does the credits mean?

To make it simple, you can consider the credits as an internal currency. When you perform a verification, the credits will be taken from your account. One successful email verification will cost you one credit only. You can get credits by purchasing or by referring friends (coming soon).

Does one credit equals one email verification?

In short, the answer is yes. One successful verification will cost you one credit only. However, credits can be used in some other operations in the future.

Will the credit expire, if I do not use them?

There are two types o credits available. The daily credits with a monthly subscription and the instant/lifetime credits.

The daily credits renew every day (the unused credits will not add up). It will keep renewing until the end of your subscription. After the subscription ends, it will keep renewing at the free tier’s limit.

On the other hand, instant credits will never expire. You can use them anytime you want and keep them in your account as long as you want.

If I have both type of credits, which one will be used first?

If you have both daily and lifetime credits in your account, the daily credits will be used first. Lifetime credits will only be used if daily credits are exhausted.

For example, you have 10,000 lifetime credits and you get 20 credits every day for free. In that case, the first 20 verifications will consume daily credits. So, if you verify less than your daily limit, your lifetime credits will not reduce at all.

Do you charge credits for "unknown" results?

Never. We will never charge you a single credit for unknown email verification results. Most of our competitors charge for processing results even if they are unknown. Some of them claim to refund the unknown credits, but the customer needs to contact their support every time. We are very clear in this case. Credits will automatically get refunded to your account as soon the verification completes. You can also find the refund status in the “Credits History” section.

in case of credits refund, the lifetime credits will be refunded first on a priority basis (no matter the ratio), then the remaining credits will be refunded as daily credits. We value our customers.

Can I upload an excel file with multiple columns?

Yes, you can. Currently, we accept uploading excel files in CSV format. Our system will identify the email column based on the column header and the data itself. After the verification, the download file will have some extra columns created with verification details. Your original columns will remain the same.

How long it can take to verify 50,000 email addresses?

Generally, it can take around 10-20 minutes to bulk verify a set of 50,000 mixed-quality email addresses. The average time will increase or decrease based on the size of your email set. The verification speed also depends on the quality of email addresses. Some email servers do not respond as fast as others. Some email addresses require multiple checking to avoid gray listing rejections. Also if our server got overloaded by the large verification tasks from different users at the same time, your task can get queued and can take a little longer (however this is a rare case as we deploy new servers if we detect such overload issue).

What will happen to my uploaded data?

We do not store any uploaded data for more than 30 days. All the uploaded data will automatically get deleted after 30 days. And that’s the reason, you will not be able to download any verification results after that period. We never share any of your your uploaded data with anyone. Your uploaded data is fully secured within our protected system.

How can I test if your service is better than others?

We always try to provide the best service possible, at the best price possible. You do not need to trust our words in that case. You can test it yourself. Here are some testing guides for you so you can do the testing in a proper way and find how everyone performs in the difficult conditions:

  1. Try verifying Microsoft’s emails (i.e. Outlook, Hotmail, Live). Microsoft has a very strict policy. So most of the companies cannot verify them properly.
  2. Try verifying Yahoo emails. Most of the other companies either cannot verify them, or declare yahoo as a catch-all. However, we can accurately verify the Yahoo emails.
  3. Try verifying some temporary email addresses from TEMPMAIL and from some other top temporary email providers. Check how many of them can detect them and compete with us.

If you can properly do the tests we mentioned above, we believe you will not have any confusion about the quality of our email verification service.

Can you suggest anything to get a list of email addresses (leads)?

Yes, you can try our Reoon YellowPages Scraper. Yellow page is one of the largest sources of local business contacts. With our software, you can extract thousands of local business information (including email and phone numbers) within minutes.

Any other questions?

If you have any other questions in your mind. Do not hesitate to contact us. We will try our best to make everything clear to you.

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We took suggestions of our customers while building the software and implemented every possible things we could imagine, but sometimes this might not be enough. If your requirement is different or if you want to have some extra features, please contact our support. We will be happy to do that for you.