Reoon Lead Scraper – Scrape B2B Leads from Online Directories

Scrape Thousands of Local Business Leads From Online Directories

Simplify your lead generation efforts by using our B2B Lead Generation Tool. This is a simple, powerful and affordable local B2B lead generation software for business owners and online marketers. This B2B lead extraction tool is designed to extract leads from the yellow pages of different countries, which will help you to reach out to local companies. This lead generation software also crawls the website of each company for the most recent data. Our lead generator can extract names, phone numbers, emails and other important details of the local businesses in just 3 simple steps: enter the keywords, enter the locations and press the start button! The software will do the rest automatically.

Top Benefits of Using Reoon B2B Leads Generator:

  1. Jump-start your email and phone marketing campaign with thousands of local b2b leads.
  2. Get data from 7000+ cities/towns around the world with a single click (list of cities/towns included in the software).
  3. Grow your leads list for the cold campaign with thousands to millions of local business leads.
  4. Instantly get the email, phone and social media leads of your potential customers.
  5. Extract data from companies’ primary websites for the most recent data.
  6. Allow you to do direct market research by contacting potential customers before even developing your product.
  7. Direct feedback/suggestions from potential customers will allow you to make huge improvements to your services.
  8. Get high Return On Investment (ROI) with cold email marketing than typical Ads.
  9. Best for: Generating business (B2B) leads that will allow you to quick-start your marketing.

The Software Can Get the Following Fields:

  1. Search Location
  2. Search Rank
  3. Company/Profile Name
  4. Category Name
  5. Profile URL (From YP)
  6. Full Address
  7. Phone Number
  8. Email Address
  9. Website Link
  10. Profile Rating
  11. No. of Reviews
  12. No. of Years in Business
  13. Email Address from Website
  14. Phone Number from Website
  15. Social Media Profiles from Website
  16. Facebook Page Link from Website
  17. Twitter Profile Link from Website
  18. Instagram Link from Website

Supported Countries: United States (US), United Kingdom (UK), Canada (CA), Australia (AU), Germany (DE), Switzerland (CH), India (IN) and more countries are on the way.

System Requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows or Mac.
  • Any hardware configuration.
  • Internet Connection.

Video Demonstration

Top FAQ’s

How can I generate leads with this tool?

Getting leads (B2B) with this lead generator is super easy. All you need is to follow the 3 simple steps. 1. Enter the keywords you want to search, 2. Enter your preferred locations and 3. Press the start button! Generating leads with our software is as simple as that.

Where do you get these leads from?

Our lead generation software gets all the leads from Yellow Pages of different countries. Also the software scrape/crawl the website of all businesses for the most recent data.

How reliable is that Yellow Pages data source?

You may already know that the yellow pages are one of the largest directories of local businesses (although some countries call them by different names). Companies register themselves to these directories for more exposure. During that registration process, they also verify each company’s submitted data. People can also write reviews and rate each company if they want. So, overall this is a great source of reliable leads. However, if you want to further clean up these leads, you can try using our Reoon Email Verifier (Online).

How many leads I can generate for each keyword?

That’s a great question. The number of leads you can generate per keyword depends on the keyword itself. It depends on the location also. It can be one thousand or it can be a few million. The main thing is the software gets information about real business. So the first rule is that these businesses have to be there in your searched location. The more the business exists, the more leads can be generated.

Can I get leads for multiple keywords on multiple locations at one go?

Yes, you can. Just type all the keywords and locations separated by a semi-colon (;) in the input fields and the software will get the leads accordingly.

How many leads the software can generate per hour?

The lead generation speed depends on a few factors. Internet speed and computer performance have a great impact on extraction speed. The speed also varies from country to country. For example, the data extraction speed for the US is higher than the UK (due to the source website’s structure). However, on average you can get around 10K+ data with website crawling disabled and around 3K+ data with website crawling enabled.

Do I need to use proxies?

Proxies are not mandatory. Our anti-block algorithm will allow you to generate thousands of leads without getting blocked. You may need a VPN or proxies in some cases. However, using good proxies can increase the speed in some cases (especially for UK).

Can I try the software before purchase?

Of course. Just download the free version of the software and test how everything works for you. But please note that the free version is only for testing purposes and is highly limited with the number of leads you can get. Also, you may get a lower extraction speed as the free version does not fully utilize the system resources with multi-threaded operations.


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Custom Software/Feature Request

We took suggestions of our customers while building the software and implemented every possible things we could imagine, but sometimes this might not be enough. If your requirement is different or if you want to have some extra features, please contact our support. We will be happy to do that for you.