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Reoon Justdial Data Extractor (Free) – V5.4

Scraping and extracting data from Justdial was never this simple.

About App

The wait is over. Reoon brings the Justdial scraper to make the Indian business directory scraping really easy. With our easy-to-use software, now you can start extracting data from Justdial with just a few clicks. Our city level search will allow you to get data from more than 1209 Indian cities with just one campaign (A list of the cities included in the software).


Data scraping includes the following fields:


  1. Search Keyword
  2. Search Location
  3. Search Rank
  4. Profile/Company Name
  5. Category
  6. Profile URL
  7. Full Address
  8. Phone Number
  9. Rating on Justdial
  10. No. of Reviews
  11. Status of Business


Supported Countries: India. The full version version also supports USA, Germany, Australia, UK, CA and More.


System Requirements:


  • Operating System: Windows / Mac
  • Any hardware configuration
  • Internet Connection

Top Benefits

Learn how our YellowPages scraper can help you to achieve your goals!

Kick start the email or phone marketing of your business.

Crawl business websites obtained from yellow pages for the most up-to-date data.

Best for: Sctaping and generating leads that will allow you to quick-start your marketing.

Grow your leads list with thousands to millions of local business leads.

Get undoubtedly high Return On Investment (ROI) with email and phone marketing than typical Ads.

The YellowPages can be a great source of leads for your cold email and phone call marketing.

Get email, phone, and social media leads of your potential customers.

Direct communication and feedback from potential customers can allow you to make huge improvements to your service.

Start scraping millions of leads from YellowPages of different countries and export them in an Excel file.

Justdial Data Extractor is a Sub-Feature of YellowPages Scraper

Please check the main software Reoon YellowPages Scraper to learn about all the features that the software offers.

Inside Preview

Check the internal preview of Reoon JustDial Scraper from the screenshots.

Features & Pricing

We provide competitive pricing for different flexible packages to support your requirements.

Basic (Free)


Check Everything You need.

Ultimate (No Limits)

$27/ Month

Scrape Data from YellowPages Without Any Limits.

Need to Scrape Data from More Countries?

The Justdial data extractor is a sub feature of the YellowPages Scraper. The main version contains everything described above with a lot

more supported countries including USA, Germany, Australia, Switzerland, UK, CA and More.

Check Reoon YellowPages Scraper to learn more!


Check the most asked questions by our users.

Getting leads with this Yellow Pages scraper is super easy. All you need to do is set up your mind on which keyword leads you are looking for and from where! Our software can scrape the most accurate data from the Yellow Pages and directly from the business websites (which provide the most updated data).

It’s a great question. It can be thousands or it can be millions. The number of leads depends on some factors. The keyword, the area you are searching (it can be a small town or it can be the whole country) and the filtering you are using determines the number of leads you can find on Yellow Pages.

Yes, you can. Just type all of your Yellow Pages keywords in the keywords fields, separated by a semicolon (;) and locations in the location field, separated by a semicolon (;). The software will scrape all of them accordingly. In case of multiple keywords, the software will create a new folder in the software directory, where the keyword-specific files will be automatically exported.

It also depends on some factors (i.e. Internet speed, computer configuration, etc.). However, with a good internet connection, you can scrape around 10K+ profiles per hour without website crawling enabled. And with website crawling enabled, you can get around 3K+ data/leads per hour.

There is not scraping limit from our end for the ultimate version. You are allowed to extract/scrape as much data as you can within your subscription period. However, there can be limits from the YellowPages, which can be bypassed by following some tips.

VPNs are not mandatory. Our anti-block algorithm can allow you to scrape thousands of pages without getting blocked. However, you may need a VPN or proxies in some cases.

Yes, you will get all future software updates. If there is a software update available, our software will notify you to download that update.

Yes, if the software does not work on your end, you can request a full or partial refund within 30 days of the refund period. However, if someone wants to get refund after scraping all the data they need, that is not allowed.

Of course, you can. Just download the free version of the software and test how everything works. But please note that the free version is only for testing purposes and is highly limited by the number of leads you can scrape. Also, you can try our Reoon Email Verifier for free to validate the email addresses.

The software runs on Windows and Mac OS. You can run it on any Windows VPS/Server. However, we recommend the system have at least 2 CPU cores and 2 GB of RAM. Also, there must be a stable internet connection available.

Client Reviews

Reoon is reviewed by 500+ people with an average rating of 4.9/5.0 across different platforms like G2, TrustPilot, Captera, GetApp etc.

You read this far, why not give it a try?

Just download and start using the software. No registration is required!

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