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You may already know that Yellow Pages is the contact directory of local businesses. Probably the most well-known and the largest business directory of local businesses in the world. The online yellow pages are a great proven source of collecting local business leads nowadays. While typical ads can cost you more than a dollar just to get a single click, you can reach thousands of your potential customers for the same cost. Here email marketing can be your best choice to reach your potential customer directly. Reoon Yellow Pages Scraper can find the pinpoint targeted business contacts for you within no time.


   M. Farhan Tanvir
   Founder, Reoon Technology


Hello guys 👋,


This is Farhan, the founder of Reoon Technology and the lead developer of this project. On behalf of my team, I am delighted to be able to launch and introduce the lifetime offer for our Reoon Yellow Pages Scraper to you guys here (for few days only) ! Before talking about the software, I would like to share our story and the inspiration behind the development of this amazing software with you guys.


We started our business in late 2016, and at that time we were facing problems in reaching out to our potential customers properly. As a startup, we didn’t have too many funds to spend on ads while testing everything related to marketing. Although we tried going with ads with our limited budget at the beginning, soon we realize that the ads are costing us more money than we were able to get back in return. Also, we were not able to get enough feedback from our customers, which was very important for us to improve our service. So we thought we should go looking for a different opportunity, where we can directly interact with our potential customers. That’s the time when the idea of this Yellow Pages scraper came into our minds.


Yellow Pages are one of the largest online business directories in many countries, where millions of business owners listed their business along with the contact details. So, we saw that as a big opportunity for us. We thought, if you just can reach our potential customers directly via email, phone, website contact, or via social media, it can be much more efficient than just running ads on different platforms. Moreover, it would give us more control over our marketing and we can also get reviews and suggestions directly from our potential customers. And most importantly the individual customer level communication can help us a lot with the growth of our business. So, we decided to build this software. And I am proud to say that it was a great success for us!


With our software, you will also be able to do the same thing for your business. You can get the leads of your thousands to millions of potential business customers. You can directly contact them with about your service. You can get real feedback from them and improve your service just as your customers need. And most importantly you can convince them to be your long-term paid customer. This is a proven method, which worked great for us and also for many of our customers. Now it’s your turn to give it a try. Feel free to contact us if you need any further information.


Thank you everyone,
Farhan, Reoon Technology


Top Features of Reoon YellowPages Scraper

Scraping data from Yellow Pages was never been that simple. Scrape your keyword/niche for the whole country including 36,000+ cities with a single import. Our yellow pages email extractor is very powerful and lightweight. Using our yellow pages email scraper you can extract email address, phone and other information of businesses very easily. Our town-level search technology allows you to scrape millions of profiles from different cities or towns individually with one click.

Top Features:

  1. Scrape Everything You need.
  2. Super fast data extraction.
  3. Extract Phone, Email address & all other business details.
  4. Crawl website for Email, Phone & Social Media Profiles.
  5. Dynamic website loading allows scraping js-loaded data also.
  6. Filter results based on email domain.
  7. Unlimited number of searches. No daily or monthly limits.
  8. Unlimited number of data export as CSV/Excel file.
  9. Search multiple keywords and locations at one go.
  10. Unlimited number of pages scraping for each search.
  11. Search on unlimited locations with a single input.
  12. Import city or town list from CSV file.
  13. List of all cities & towns are included (45,000+).
  14. Premium support available.

Supported Yellowpages:

  1. Yellowpages.com (US)
  2. Yell.com (UK)
  3. Thomsonlocal.com (UK)
  4. Yellowpages.ca (Canada)
  5. Gelbeseiten.de (Germany)
  6. Local.ch (Switzerland)
  7. Justdial.com (India)
  8. Comming up more !

System Requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows / Mac
  • Any hardware configuration
  • Internet Connection

Video Demonstration

Data Scraping Includes the Following Fields:

  1. Search Location
  2. Search Rank
  3. Profile/Company Name
  4. Category
  5. Profile URL
  1. Full Address
  2. Phone Number
  3. Email Address
  4. Business Website
  5. Business Rating
  1. No. of Reviews
  2. Years in Business
  3. Email from Website
  4. Phone from Website
  5. Social Media Info
  1. Social Media Profiles
  2. Facebook from Website
  3. Twitter from Website
  4. Instagram from Website

Supported Yellow Pages & Countries

Yellowpages.com - United States (US)

More than 21 million businesses are listed (info source).

Yell.com - United Kingdom (UK)

Trusted by over over 2.9 million businesses (info source).

Thomsonlocal.com - United Kingdom (UK)

Over 22 million homes and businesses throughout the UK (info source).

Yellowpages.ca - Canada (CA)

The largest Canadian local business directory. Millions of businesses are listed.

Gelbeseiten.de - Germany (DE)

The largest German local business directory. Millions of businesses are listed.

Comming Up More !

We are constantly working to keep everything up to date and to bring new yellow pages. In future, more yellow pages will be available through our software. And anyone who purcheses the liftime license will get them too.


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Reoon yellow pages scraper
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About This Short Time Offer

This is a very special offer. This is the first time in history we are offering a lifetime license for our Reoon Yellow Pages scraper. On top of that, we are currently providing a 57% discount on this deal (this will be available for a very short period of time). Generally, we only provide monthly subscription-based licenses for our products. So this can be a great opportunity for you to get this Reoon Yellow Pages Scraper for the lifetime. You will get the following benefits from this lifetime deal:

  1. Lifetime access to the Ultimate version of Reoon Yellow Pages Scraper.
  2. Unlimited data scraping. No limits from our end.
  3. List of all cities and towns are included in CSV format.
  4. Lifetime software updates.
  5. Any new features or sites we add in the future will be available for you.
  6. Lifetime access to the software on multiple computers (one at a time).
  7. No need to worry about monthly fees.
  8. Get your license now and activate it whenever you want.
  9. 30 days money-back guarantee if anything does not work for you.


Lifetime License –  $599  $119 Only !

This offer ends soon !

Top Benefits of Scraping Yellow Pages

Get Your Hands on the Ocean of Millions of Local Businesses

Yellow Pages are literally the ocean of local business contacts. Millions of local businesses are registered there. And finally we made this very simple to get your hands on that ocean within no time.

Get Highly Target Leads for Your Very Specific Keywords

We do not just give you some random leads. With our scraper, you can get the best quality highly targeted leads which can pin point even a small town/city. Or you can target the whole country if you need for your keyword !

Kick Start Your Business With Email & Phone Marketing

Email & phone marketing can be considered as one of the best marketing technique. This type of marketing gives you full control over everything. You can directly communicate with your customer and can know their needs.

Grow Your Leads List with Verified Local Business Contacts

Yellowpages verifies all of their listings during the registration. So there is nothing to worry about the quality of the leads. Moreover we also get the latest information from directly their website’s which makes it more trusted leads.

Get Undoubtedly High Return On Investment (ROI) than Typical Ads

Direct targeted email marketing and phone call marketing can generate undoubtedly high Return On Investment (ROI). Where typical ads can cost you more than few dollar just for a single click, you can get tons of visitors for almost nothing !

Best For: Generating leads that will allow you to quick-start marketing

When you have a ton of quality leads, there is nothing that can stop you from starting the marketing !

Boost Your Sales with Direct Communication & Feedbacks

Direct communication and feedback from potential customers can allow you to make huge improvement on your service. And you know what, this often results in huge improvement in sales !

Top FAQ’s

How can I get the leads with this tool?

Getting leads with this yellow pages scraper is super easy. All you need to do is set up your mind on which keyword leads you are looking for and from where! Our software can scrape the most accurate data from Yellow Pages and directly from the business websites (which provides the most updated data).

How many leads I can get for a single keyword?

It’s a great question. It can be thousands or it can be millions. The number of leads depends on some factors. The keyword, the area you are searching (it can be a small town or it can be the whole country) and the filtering you are using determines the number of leads you can find on Yellow Pages.

Can I scrape multiple keywords on multiple location at one go?

Yes, you can. Just type all of your yellow pages keywords in the keywords fiels, separated by semicolon (;) and locations in the location field, separate by semicolon (;). The software will scrape all of them accordingly. In case of multiple keywords, the software will create a new folder at the software directory, where the keyword specific files will be automatically exported.

How many leads/data the software can get per hour?

It also depends on some factors (i.e. Internet speed, computer configuration, etc.). However, with a good internet connection, you can scrape around 60K+ profiles per hour without website crawling enabled. And with website crawling enabled, you can get around 10K+ data/leads per hour.

Do I need to use proxies?

Proxies are not mandatory. Our anti-block algorithm can allow you to scrape thousands of pages without getting blocked. However, you may need a VPN or proxies in some cases.

Can I try the software before purchase?

Of course, you can. Just download the free version of the software and test how everything works. But please be noted that, the free version is only for testing purposes and highly limited with the number of leads you can scrape. Also you may get lower scraping speed as the free version is not capable of fully utilizing the multi-threaded scraping.

What is your regular offer?

Generally we only provide monthly subscription-based license. Currently our monthly subscription charge for Reoon Yellow Pages Scraper is $27/Month. You can check the regular plan from our primary product page here.

What if it doesn't work for me?

In that case our support team will show/teach you everything redarding the software. However, this still do not work for you, we provide 30 days money back guarantee. So, your purchase is totally risk free.

Do you provide gurangee on all supported sites/countries?

We guarantee that you will have access to the ultimate version of the software for the lifetime. We do not provide any guarantee to any particular site or country. In the future, we may add support for new sites/countries, which you will be able to use. Similarly, we may not be able to continue to support any particular site/country currently available (or will be available in the future) due to technical or legal complexities and can be removed from our software or may not work as well as others. However, you are fully covered for these types of issues for 30 days after purchase. Refunds are possible after 30 days.

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This offer ends soon !