Check the complete step by step starting guide from here


To get the app authentication credentials, you have to register an app first. To register App, please follow the steps below.

1. At first login to your seller account (
2. Go to the following link:
3. Enter the App Name, Select “The Application will have access to the browser” option.
4. Then type http://localhost:8000 in the “URL Redirection” field. Make sure you entered this exactly in the same way.
5. Then accept the terms and click on “ADD” button. Check the image for better understanding.

6. Then in the next page you will find all the necessary information. (if it doesn’t redirect, then visit:

7. Copy all the authentication details from the webpage to the software (like the above image) and save.
8. FInally press the “Authenticate Now” button. It will open allegro site on web browser. Login to allow access. If everything is ok, you will see a blank page (white page).


Contact support if you do not understand anything. We are always ready to help you.

We can do this for you using TeamViewer or Anydesk if necessary for free (For any version including Free).